Renee's Runway - The Return of the Grunge
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The Return of the Grunge

The Return of the Grunge

Fashion has taken a cue from the 90’s and reintroduced the grunge trend. Whether it’s on the catwalk, on the street or in the stores, the 90s grunge trend is appearing everywhere. Designers such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen pioneered grunge and took inspiration from the gritty streets. Doc Martens were paired with delicate slip dresses creating a juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity.The modern grunge look is about looking modern and sophisticated with true grunge classic details, like plaids, combat boots, slouchy backpacks, and black leather.

Today I am wearing my version of the modern grunge. This Isabel Marant Irina leather- trimmed printed stretch-silk mini dress with its black scalloped leather trims and frayed ruffled shoulders oozes grunge yet is feminine at the same time. These Burberry Prorsum studded coated leather ankle boots are my new favourite. I have been wearing them with everything. They have a similar feel to the 90s Doc Marten and they complete the feminine masculine grunge feel to this outfit.

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