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The Lip Lab Edit

The Lip Lab Edit

Last week I visited the Lip Lab where one of the professional lip consultants blended me the perfect red lipstick and named it …. Renee’s Runway Red. It was so much fun, I was able to choose the colour, amount of gloss and finish. We played around with different shades and the consultant squeezed different blobs of blues and reds onto a transparent mixing template until I was happy with the colour. She then heated it up in the microwave and set it in a lip stick mould to set. The whole processs takes about 15 minuites.

The perfect red lipstick is hard to find. Lipstick colours rarely look like they do in the case when you apply them to your lips. The undertones of your skin, hair and eye colour can easily throw off the colour. I love the way Renees Runway Red looks as the consultant has matched it to my skin tone.

Adding a red lipstick is the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to an outfit or to amp up and off duty look . It’s an easy way to update your look and I think, an essential in every girls makeup collection.

I like to wear red lipstick during the day with a cream or nude eyeshadow and a lick of mascara. At night I add a black liquid eyeliner.

Visit the Lip Lab in the Wintergarden and invest in the perfect red lipstick. It’s quite an experience.