Renee's Runway - Ski Holiday Clothing Edit
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Ski Holiday Clothing Edit

Ski Holiday Clothing Edit

Calexico in Brisbane has a drop of winter fashion in December for customers heading to the ski fields in the holidays. It’s a great idea. It’s nice to update your wardrobe with a few key pieces and these are fresh from Winter 15 and Resort 15 . Here is my list of essentials.

A cashmere wrap – this will come in handy when traveling on the plane, throwing around yourself at the ski resort, as a layering piece to add warmth under a jacket and wrapped around your neck as a scarf for extra warmth.

A cosy knit – perfect to put on when you arrive back from a big day skiing and you want to sit around the fire. Add the cashmere tracksuit pants for an extra cosy feel. Or you can throw the knitĀ  on with a pair of jeans to meet friends for a drink at the bar.

A thin wool or cashmere knit – perfect for layering and adding extra warmth. If you get too warm inside this knit will look smart casual.

Warm ski pants, gloves, knitted hat – for when you are out in the snow skiing or walking the streets.

A puffer jacket filled with down – this is essential for warmth in the snow and can be rolled up into an extra small bundle to pack in your luggage or bag for a day out.

A knee length jacket – an absolute essential. Wear this on the plane as it will take up too much room in your luggage and then you will have it on hand when you arrive at your destination in the cold air. Throw it on over the top of every outfit when you go outside.

A fashionable pair of snow boots – because that’s the only way to wear them.

Happy travels