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New York New York

New York New York

I am so very excited to be heading back to New York this Sunday with my husband for a two week holiday. I haven’t visited for three years since I had my label Little Mouse Brown. This time I will be arriving in New York, staying a night and then catching a train to Boston the next day. From Boston we are hiring a car and driving south. We will spend a night in Cape Cod and two nights in Montauk which has been on my to do list for a long time. Then back to New York for eight nights to stay with my brothers and sister in law where we will begin celebrating my 40th Birthday.

My to do see list for New York is a mile long however I haven’t booked anything in. I will just get up each day and see where the day takes me no doubt covering some of my list along the way. I find New York so inspiring yet relaxing at the same time. This sounds funny for the city that never sleeps, however there is so much to do in New York I rarely need to book anything in and can always just take each day as it comes, no scheduling, which to me is relaxing.

One thing that will definitely be happening this holiday is a lot of retail therapy. I love cruising the streets of Soho looking at all the boutiques and then stopping for lunch and a glass of wine and continuing on into the afternoon……. heaven for a fashion lover.

It will be bliss not doing lunches, cooking meals and running the children’s uber seervice. I will however miss my children like crazy and I am extremely grateful to my beautiful parents who are taking the reigns while I am away.

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See you in July.