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My Style Edit

My Style Edit

With a wet, cold weekend ahead I am super excited to be able to pull out this Chloe fringed wool and cotton blend coat. I wore it over and over when I was in London earlier this year however, with the Brisbane heat I haven’t even contemplated wearing it since.

To me it’s the perfect coat. It has a relaxed silhouette and and the colour tones and rustic fringed edges make it easy to wear with so many outfits. It also looks fabulous cinched at the waist with a tan-brown leather belt. Crafted from wool and cotton blend makes this coat a great weight for Australian Autumn and Winter temperatures.

I will wear this coat over casual and dressy outfits for years to come and it was definitely worth the investment.

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Chloe Fringed Wool and Cotton-Blend Tartan Coat