Renee's Runway - My Style Edit – Sequins
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My Style Edit – Sequins

My Style Edit – Sequins

Sequins may not seem like a look that you can pull off during the day because they echo a 1980’s disco vibe however, they are a great way to add interest to your every day look.

The best way to give a casual feel to a sequin skirt is to add a printed tshirt and a nude sandal or an understated trainer. The sequin skirt will still be the feature piece when worn casually so it is best not to complicate your look by adding other feature pieces. Keep the colours you add tonal with the colour of the sequins .

It is best not to add bright colours to this look like bright pink or red. Classic prints like a navy and white stripe tshirt or a gingham checked button up shirt  are the perfect way to add a casual look to your sequin skirt. A denim shirt is also a great option or a casual knit in cooler months. If you are off to the office add a casual fitted jacket over your tshirt.

I always think it is important to be able to get many looks form the pieces you have hanging in your wardrobe. Be creative, have a play and add casual to your sequins.

Today I am wearing :

IRO Bump Sequin Midi Skirt : purchased from Calexico in Brisbane . Click here for online option.

Gucci Tiger Print Cotton Tshirt

Chloe Strappy sandal ( previous season)

Gucci GG Marmont Matelasse Mini Bag