Renee's Runway - How Are You Doing?
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How Are You Doing?

How Are You Doing?

It’s mental health week and I’d like to acknowledge the amazing work of one of my dearest friends Khayt and her inspirational husband Aaron. They are the co-founders of Mindstar, an online video platform connecting anyone, anywhere at any time to some of the best wellbeing and mental health professionals in the country. Brilliant for people who want discretion and privacy or those who would find it hard to get to a an appointment during business hours.

Aaron and Khayt both left corporate jobs to start this business and are two of the most passionate and dedicated people I know. Aaron is a psychologist and has seen it all and will tell anyone who wants to listen about the importance of early intervention. Khayt’s background is HR and she sees how Mindstar can support business employees. Together they want to change the face of mental health in Australia.

With one in four people suffering from some kind of anxiety, depression or psychological distress, chances are we know someone who needs a bit of help.

Share this post. Tell your friends about Mindstar … it may be a lifesaver.


Mindstar is offering 20% off every session until the 31st of October.