Renee's Runway - About Me
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About Me

renee-03I love fashion. I love looking at it, coveting it and of course, buying it. Haute couture, runway, designer and street fashion for me, him or little people – I love it all.

I’ve never followed rules of fashion and don’t have one particular style I wear each day. It depends on how I feel. I like to mix it up and tend to wear one hero piece with each outfit. In saying that, the one consistent theme in my wardrobe is 70s inspired vintage boho. Helena Christensen is my style icon and so this season, with its throw back to 70s style, I am sure my credit card will be maxed out in no time. 

My love for fashion started young. Both my mum and grandmother were dressmakers and I learned to sew from these wonderful woman. This skill allowed me the freedom to make what ever I wanted.

 While at University I jumped into retail, learning the ropes, and a few years after I graduated I opened  a boutique – Lotus 76 in 2002. My partner and I bought in some local and international labels. In an era filled with department and chain stores it was quite ahead of its time. 

My first baby Indee arrived shortly after, and so with more time at home I founded, with a friend, jeans label ‘Asparella’. We won two RAQ Fashion Design awards and were sold in boutiques all over Australia. Riley and Zaya ( my son and second daughter ) followed and, with time becoming a scarcer  and scarcer commodity, I took a step back from fashion, to help my husband Phil with his building company. I was able to help in my husband Phil’s business with the interior design and architecture which I studied at University and another passion I had carried for a long time. 

Missing fashion and loving dressing my children, I started a tween label Little Mouse Brown. The label was really successful – stocked in Australian boutiques and developed a cult following in the US. Not content with appropriate clothing for tween-agers I started an online store Le Tween, which stocked designer labels from around the globe.

Life gets busier and I’m still drawn back to fashion. This blog is an editorial of my obsession and more realistic obtainable’s. If you click on the image I also show you how to buy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be designer piece; it could be a bargain street piece I know will work well this season. I follow runway shows, trawl through fashion magazines and love store and online retail. My friends often ask my advice and my husband says I have a masterclass in shopping so it’s nice to share.  

Let me know what you think. Comment, share,  follow or drop me a line.

Renee XO