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Holiday Edit

Holiday Edit

It seems like a distant memory now, but at the time my two week holiday went slowly and I enjoyed every minute.

We arrived in New York on Sunday afternoon and caught a taxi straight to the The Time Hotel in the Theatre District. One useful piece of information I can give you if you have never been to New York, is upon arrival never accept a lift or fare from anyone – take a taxi which has fixed fares – it is much cheaper. We checked into our room and headed straight out to the Esca Restaurant and drank Pinot Gris and ate oysters and salmon sashimi. The food and service was amazing, a perfect start to our holiday. We headed back to the Tony Awards party in our hotel and were amazed to see men sitting with their wives watching the awards on television and everyone was silent until an award was announced. This would not happen in Australia. Most men would not sit silently in a bar unless a major game of sport was on! Just like a true Aussie male, Phil was over this atmosphere within 15 minutes …. one beer…. and off we went to bed.

On Monday morning we caught the Amtrak train to Boston which was an easy four hour trip. We easily found our way to The Garrison Square Apartments which are roomy, clean and perfectly located in Back Bay within walking distance to all the restaurants, bars, shops and parks. We spent the next two days exploring Boston on foot and on the third day my brother joined us so we bought a ticket on the Trolley Tour Bus to have a look around all the universities. We got off in Cambridge and caught the train into Harvard University which is like its own city. We stopped for a beer at the Border Cafe filled with students then walked around the campus which was amazing.

Must Do’s Boston: Favourite Pub was Bukowski for the burgers. My favourite restaurant was City Table, we ate breakfast and it was so good we went back for dinner and the Select Oyster Bar was fabulous. The shopping in Newbury Street was fantastic and a stand out boutique was Serenella. Charles St had the most fabulous vintage and antique stores. The Boston Common is a beautiful park almost like a small version of Central Park and definitely worth a look. On the whole Boston was a great place to visit and I thought 3 days/nights was plenty of time to have a good look, do some shopping and eat in some of the great restaurants.

On Thursday we picked up a convertible mustang ready to drive down down the coast line. This was hilarious. The three of us had dreamt of doing this drive in a convertible and we had all only packed one suitcase each so that we could fit it all in .. which it really didn’t. The lady who was handing it over to us was in hysterics whilst we tried to pack it many different ways. She offered us to jam everything in including us, take the photo, then swap up to a bigger car, but no, we were having that car. We set off for Falmouth, Cape Cod, our first stop. Roof down and me squashed into the back seat with two suitcases and my brother in the front with his seat as far forward as it could go. My husband Phil drove so we made sure he was comfortable. The trip took three hours and I have to say driving down an American Highway in a convertible with the roof down is nothing like the movies. One of my friends text and asked where was my head scarf? Even if I had have remembered, I would have lost it within the first few minutes. I held my hat on with two hands for the whole trip as the sun was SO hot and on arrival in Falmouth I was partially deaf with a wind burnt face and a sore back. I recovered quickly and it was so much fun. We checked into The Palmer House Inn and headed straight to the main street for a bowl of seafood chowder and a cold beer. We explored the town after lunch. The houses were all the white Cape Cod style with decks on the the ground level, A frame roof and white picket fences. The town is very small and the locals were all friendly. Falmouth looks like the set from Hart of Dixie.

On Friday we got up early and drove approximately two and a half hours south to New England to catch the Cross Sound Ferry to Long Island en route to Montauk. We checked into The Montauk Beach Hotel and much to the boys delight there were bikini clad women by the pool drinking cocktails so we joined them. We went for dinner and drinks at The Surf Lodge. This is currently the IT place to be in Montauk and the food and vibe was perfect for a Friday evening. Unfortunately we all fell into the USA strong spirits trap that evening. I honestly should know better because I have been to the States many times but it totally slipped my mind that night that the bar staff free pour spirits so my five rum and cokes felt like 55. A slow start the next morning but I was right by lunch and explored the town. It’s quite small but has a very cool vibe. My favourite find was the Greenlines boardshorts shop. I bought my husband and son some and I wish I had have bought more. They are the perfect fit and the fabric is great. It has a small amount of stretch in it which is great when the boys go surfing. They have an online store and is a great Christmas present. On Saturday afternoon NY Magazine threw a Summer Launch Party with Powers as the lead act. We had such a fabulous afternoon and met some great people including some of the writers from NY Mag and the lead singer and manager from Powers. I loved watching the American girls socialising in their bikinis and feeling totally confident about their body shape no matter what size or shape they were. I wish we were more like this in Australia. That night we ate dinner at The Gig Shack in the main street of Montauk. The food and vibe was again fabulous.

Sunday morning we got up and went for a run. I love going for a run on holidays as I feel that I get to see places that I wouldn’t walk to in my daily exploring travels. We ran through many streets where locals live and New Yorkens have holiday houses. The houses were amazing….. We then had the perfect coffee at Left Hand , which is hard to find, then drove back through all the beautiful towns on Long Island to New York. I was sad to leave Montauk. I just loved it. One day I would like to go back and spend a week between Montauk and the East Hamptons. We happily dumped our car at the airport and caught an Uber to the East Village Apartments which was our home for the next week. My brother Rian and his wife Kylie were waiting for us. We shared the penthouse which had three bedrooms and two bathrooms downstairs and upstairs a kitchen, lounge, dining and roof deck. The apartment was very spacious which is hard to find in New York. It is also in a great location surrounded by East village shopping, restaurants, the Whole Foods Market and close by subway stations. Soho, Nolita, Little Italy and China Town are all within a 5 – 15minutes walk.

My week in New York was filled with eating at nice restaurants, early morning jogs and trying new fitness classes, PLENTY of shopping and I made the most of each and every day. New York to me is one of my favourite holiday destinations. It is so easy to get around either on foot , the subway or taxi or Uber. I love getting up each day without an agenda and just planning as I go. There is so much to do and see. Even just walking the streets and people watching is interesting. There is always some one wearing a great outfit, someone yelling or screaming, someone singing , some road rage or horns beeping ….. it’s all good fun.

Must Do’s New York: Best Coffee La Colombe Noho . Breakfast or brunch at Balthazar and have a Peach Bellini to drink. Breakfast at Lafayette. Breakfast at The Butchers Daughter Nolita .  Lunch at The Dutch and try the oyster sandwich and the fresh oysters. Breakfast or Lunch at Eataly or The Chelsea Market. Lunch at The Standard Grill. Oysters , sashimi and or a burger at Lure Fish Bar. Lunch at Corner Bistro have a burger, fries and a beer. Dinner at Dirty French, Valbella, Vandal every thing is amazing. Oysters, Pinot Gris and dinner at Esca. Pub crawl or wine and oyster bar crawl  from Soho to Greenwich Village along Bleeker St. Walk from East Village over the Williamsburg Bridge, have breakfast in Williamsburg, hire a bike, ride through Brooklyn along the Hudson River Bike Path, ride back over the Brooklyn Bridge and through the bustling New York Streets back to East Village. Hire a bike in Central Park and ride around the whole park, stop for a beer or lunch at The Loeb Boathouse or The Tavern on the Green. Look through The Whitney Museum of American Modern Art. Take a Y7 Studio Yoga Class or The Class by Taryn Toomey. 

Shopping….. Where to start. I love to walk the streets of Nolita and Soho looking through all of the shops. East Village is also a great place to shop with lots of boutiques and antique stores. I also love to catch the subway up town and look through Barneys in particular the shoe department and Berdorf Goodman has such a great selection of clothing, bags and shoes that I get lost in there for hours. The high end stores along Madison Avenue are also a great place to look and people watch.

Read about what I bought In NY in the following post.