Renee's Runway - Greek Islands Edit – Hydra
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Greek Islands Edit – Hydra

Greek Islands Edit – Hydra

If I had to choose a favourite place from our holiday to the Greek Islands it would be Hydra. My family agree and my youngest daughter wants to move there. We spent three nights staying in a home found on Airbnb and we had such a great time that we took the the boat back for another night.

Hydra is a small island two hours by ferry from Athens. There are no cars or motorbikes and transport is by horse, donkey or on foot. The streets and narrow and constructed from cobblestone . Houses dot the hillside and are protected, historical structures built out of stone and white washed, often with bright coloured shutters and doors.

There are lots of churches, restaurants and local stores. We ate in different restaurants every day and enjoyed every meal. Our kids were comfortable running to the local shop and buying ice-cream or cheese and salami to go with our wine. The locals knew who we were from the minute we arrived and were very kind and friendly.

The swimming spots were amazing. The waters are deep (perfect for rock jumping) with stone bottoms making them clear and the most amazing colour. Bisti Beach is absolutely gorgeous and only a short boat taxi ride away from the main port.

We were very lucky to be staying on Hydra for the Miaoulia Festival which commemorates Admiral Andreas Miaoulis’ role in the Greek War of Independence (1821–1827) and the Battle of Elder. The weeklong festival includes boat races, folk dancing, athletic, artistic and other cultural exhibitions and concerts.  Miaoulia closes with its highlight: “The Happening,” a reenactment of the sinking by Miaoulis’s men of the Turkish flagship, featuring the siege and burning of an actual boat in the harbour concluding with a spectacular fireworks display. The Greeks really like to celebrate victories over the Turks. It was lots of fun!

We cannot wait to go back to Hydra and next time we will stay for two weeks!

HydraDirect is a great source of information for planning your trip X