Renee's Runway - Floral on Floral Edit
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Floral on Floral Edit

Floral on Floral Edit

Mixing and matching floral prints was a big trend I picked up in New York. There a lots of ways to wear this trend. Some of the ways I will be wearing it are : floral print tshirt mixed with a floral midi skirt, floral print tshirt with dark grey jeans and a black jacket with a  floral print scarf tied to my handbag, floral print dress with a floral print boot or trainer. I also love the look of a floral print jacket worn over  dark jeans and a  white tshirt with a floral print boot.

Here are some of my current favourite floral print pieces :


Magda Butrym – Cadiz Shirt 

Magda Butrym – Bradford Tshirt

Proenza Schouler – Layered Printed Crepe Midi Skirt

Proenza Schouler – Printed Cotton Jersey Top

Marc Jacobs – Floral Flocked Gingham Blouse


Adidas Originals – Floral Print Cropped Tshirt

Top Shop – Floral Print Cigarette Trouser