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Fashionable Friends and Family

Fashionable Friends and Family

Introducing Holly, the 14 year old fashion loving daughter of my good friend and my head of PR, Jo. Holly is really interested in fashion and loves looking around the shops with her friends on week-ends and on the holidays. She has a great sense of style and I really like the way she puts her outfits together. Her favourite labels are Witchery, Ralph Lauren and Country Road.

Today Holly is wearing a hat and  button up shirt from H & M, Ava & Ever denim shorts from City Beach, Converse sneakers and a clutch from The Robe, Paddington. She is also wearing a silver necklace by Gold Coast designer Minc Collections (bottom right picture) she bought from cute independent boutique Raggedy Anne in Kingscliff, Northern New South Wales.

All these pieces were bought with her annual clothing budget. Holly is responsible for all her clothing purchases except for school and sport uniforms. As she is still growing, her wardrobe has to be continually updated. The budget allows her some independence with her shopping choices allowing her to develop her own style as well as teaching her how to mange money.

She used to get her allowance twice a year but she was spending in the first few months so her parents are now trialling breaking this into quarter year instalments of $250 totalling $1000 per year. Jo said it is working really well and she is learning the value of money and she has become quite a thrifty shopper. Best of all, she no longer has to ask her mum if she can get something new for a dance or party … she has to plan and think ahead.

I think this is a fabulous idea and a great way to teach kids budgeting and saving for that special piece.