Renee's Runway - Fashionable Friends and Family
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Fashionable Friends and Family

Fashionable Friends and Family

This is Rian, my brother and one of  best friends. I would be lost without this man. We have so much fun together and he is a wonderful life mentor and a great, supportive uncle to my three children. He has a gorgeous daughter Alice, who I love like one of my own and he asked his partner Kylie to marry him on Friday night! Exciting months ahead.

Rian is a very successful and is the owner and founder of Property Investment Group.

Rian and his wife to be Kylie and daughter Alice spent one week on the boat in the Greek Islands with us. They then travelled onto Rome where Rian did some great shopping. I will have to take the credit for his love of fashion. Too much time spent around me talking about it and now he has his own love for upmarket fashion. It all started when we were in New York a few years ago and I talked him into going to Prada to buy a nice shirt. He walked out with a suit and a shirt and has never looked back. His criteria – it must be a good fit, be current, look great and wash well.

I received many texts while he was in Rome enjoying the shopping. He was also very chuffed to see the set up of  the Valentino Parade in July for fashion week. Today he is wearing Boggi Milano Loafers, Boggi Milano Shorts ,and Prada Shirt, all purchased in Rome.

I can confidently say that my brother has begun collecting some fantastic timeless pieces and is well on his way to having a great wardrobe.



Chocolate Suede Loafer – 1901 Lugano Loafer

Cream/ Beige Chino – ASOS Chino Shorts in longer length

Light Blue Fitted Shirt – ASOS Oxford Shirt with short sleeves