Renee's Runway - Fashionable Friends and Family
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Fashionable Friends and Family

Fashionable Friends and Family

Introducing my gorgeous sister-in-law, Emily. I’ve known Ems since she was six months old and have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman.
She is not only a sister-in-law but a wonderful friend and a devoted aunty to my children. Ems often takes my eldest daughter, Indee, shopping because ‘she’s a lot cooler’ and apparently I’m not. Indee listens to her opinion and brings home beautiful outfits.
I have enjoyed watching Ems interest in fashion grow over the years, she knows what suits her and is always wearing something current. She pulls it all together and I really love her effortless style.
Ems is my husbands personal assistant and this is her office look. She always keeps it on trend and interesting.
Today she is wearing :

Windsor Smith Sharni Boots purchased from Beginning Boutique,

Mink Pink Wild Dreams Vest – purchased from Markey HQ,

Sportsgirl Ultra Skinny Jeans,

All about Eve Matyr Shirt in white from Gluestore,

Hair Extensions from Stefan – Long Hair for Days.

All of These options are Obtainable. Click links to Purchase.