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Fashionable Friends and Family

Fashionable Friends and Family

Introducing my beautiful mother, Coral – my style and life icon!

I remember being mesmerised by Mum and her wardrobe from a young age – sitting and watching her getting dressed and putting her makeup on. It was fascinating to me and imprinted a love of fashion.

Mum was a dress maker and used to make a lot of her beautiful clothes and happily, my clothes too. Looking back now I remember she had the best (now vintage) wardrobe. Unfortunately she gave it to Vinnies a couple of years before I was old enough to appreciate it! I can still visualize some her beautiful dresses from the 1970s…I wish I could try them on now!

Throughout her life my mother has always been able to pull a great look together whether it be a high end piece or – more often than not – obtainable pieces. She is one of those people who always seems to find a great piece in Target or K-mart and she mixes it with more expensive pieces and looks effortlessly stylish.

One of the greatest things Mum has taught me is to buy and collect pieces that I will love forever and won’t date. She advised to spend money on these pieces and then mix them with more affordable, on-trend pieces. She was right, I am a collector!

Another great piece of advice mum gave me is to always look after my skin. Never to go to bed with makeup on and to keep it light. Having healthy glowing skin compliments every outfit. Very wise words. To this day, I wear minimal makeup and I find it works for me.

Today Mum is picking up my girls from school and taking them to sport so she is wearing a casual outfit. She has mixed a  yellow Antipodium knit top that she purchased from Blonde Venus a few years ago back with a Country Road grey cardi, grey jeans, a nice, affordable pair of leopard print trainers and a gorgeous necklace she purchased on her trip to Boston USA last year.

Did I mention that Mum is in her mid-60s? She is still looking young, beautiful and healthy to me. I hope those genes have been passed down along with her advice.

Thank you to Connie from La Splendida for doing Mums makeup and Belinda from Lamb Hair for the blowdry.



Grey Jeans – Zara 5 pocket Jeans

Grey Cardi – Country Road Long Line Rib Cardigan

Yellow Knit – Zara Short Cable Knit Sweater

Leopard Print Trainer – Keds Dotted Anilam Print Plimsoll Trainer