Renee's Runway - Fashionable Friends and Family
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Fashionable Friends and Family

Fashionable Friends and Family

Introducing a good friend of mine, Narelle Walters. Narelle and I went to high school together. After high school, Narelle married one of my husbands friends, they purchased the house next door to us which we had built, we were neighbours for a while and then we both had our sons and then daughters within weeks of each other. Now our sons are good friends and so are our daughters… so I guess we have literally grown older together.

Narelle’s husband Kevin was a professional rugby league player and is now a professional coach, so Narelle still has many functions to attend and always on the look out for a new outfit or dress. We were talking the other day about what she was wearing to the Broncos ball and we got onto the topic of how as we are getting older it has become much more important to pay a bit more money for a dress or outfit because the cut and fabric composition is more flattering. Also when you hit mid to late 30s you have a good idea about what suits your body and what you feel comfortable and feminine wearing. So in paying more for cut and quality you are more likely to wear a piece again and again.

With that in mind Narelle purchased this fabulous Gallery Views Sheath Dress from Manning Cartell. This dress is a great choice because not only does Narelle look fabulous in it, the style,colour and the guipure lace are timeless so she will be able to pull this out season after season.

Narelle is also wearing Jane Debster heels which Narelle says are super comfortable and a fabulous colourful Tiff Manuell Clutch. I love this clutch. It would work with so many outfits and its an obtainable price point as well.



Jane Debster Heels – Baldwin Pewter Shimmer Fabric

Tiff Manuell Clutch – Lighthouse Large

Lace Pencil Dress – Top Shop Bonded Lace Midi Dress