Renee's Runway - Fashionable Friends and Family
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Fashionable Friends and Family

Fashionable Friends and Family

This is my husband’s step mother Jill and she looks amazing. She is in one of her more formal outfits she wears to work functions. She really knows how to pull it together favouring well tailored, structured pieces which really flatter her body shape. Jill loves dresses from Review. She also regularly shops at Country Road and Sportscraft. Her favourite Jeans are Levi’s.

Jills everyday wardrobe is practical and stylish. She is a builder by trade and has run a large building company and was then the national HIA president. Taking a step back she now sits on some industry boards and is a loving grandmother to my children. She is also a wonderful friend to me.

Today Jill is wearing a Review Rendezvous Dress, Country Road Heels and Kailis Pearls.