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Fashionable Family and Friends

Fashionable Family and Friends

When I was a young girl I developed a love of fashion from watching my mother dress and make clothing. My Grandma was also a source of inspiration as she always dressed beautifully and also made her own clothes. When I was about the same age as my daughter Indee (15), my mum gifted me a suitcase full of all of her favourite pieces from the 70s and 80s that she no longer wore. I will never forget this day – it was like opening a treasure chest. I loved that when I wore something vintage of Mums, no one else had the same outfit on as me so I felt very individual and stylish.

I have continued this tradition for my daughters by keeping my clothes and storing them carefully. I have been waiting for Indee, my oldest, to reach her mid teen years so she can appreciate the pieces I have kept for her. To my delight during the last Christmas holidays she started going through some of these pieces and wearing them. There are many more pieces to show her however I will introduce them slowly over the coming years. I have a rule – any pieces Indee wears she must return to the wardrobe so that her younger sister Zaya (11) can enjoy them too.

Indee is pictured today in an animal print APC dress I purchased in New York many years ago. She wears this casually with or without a t-shirt under and with ankle boots or hightop trainers. ┬áThe other TIBI dress is one of my all time favourites. I wore this time and time again. Indee wears this dress when we have a special occasion to attend or when we go to dinner and it’s now one of her favourites too..

I would love to know if you doing this too. Drop me a line.