Renee's Runway - Carla Zampatti QLD Book Launch
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Carla Zampatti QLD Book Launch

Carla Zampatti QLD Book Launch

On Friday afternoon I attended the official Queensland launch of Carla Zampatti’s autobiography. Blaq marketing organised a fabulous long lunch at Victoria Park Golf Club in Brisbane. The food, service and company was fantastic. My favourite part of the day was listening to Carla speak and I also loved the fashion parade showcasing her latest collection.

Carla spoke about her history as a designer and I was interested to hear that one of the first fabrics she used for her collections was Crimplene. Crimplene is a heavy wrinkle resistant fabric that holds its shape well. Carla said to help sell garments made out of Crimplene she would tell people they could literally walk into the shower in the outfit, wash it and then take it off and hang it out to dry. Loved this piece of historic information .

Carla also spoke about her design process. Fabrics are always her first inspiration. She looks at many and then plays with her favourites in front of a mirror to see what shapes she can make. She uses her own body as the canvas and works on how to use each fabric to create a shape that makes a woman feel confident. She tries every garment on three times. First of all as a calico toile, then first sample in the correct fabric and finally the finished product. She designs for woman aged 17 – 80.

I can’t wait to go in and try on some of the pieces from the runway on Friday and I am going to start reading her autobiography tonight. What a fabulous inspirational woman.