Renee's Runway - Calexico Isabel Marant Event with Florent Mortini
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Calexico Isabel Marant Event with Florent Mortini

Calexico Isabel Marant Event with Florent Mortini

On Friday I attended an Isabel Marant event at Calexico in Brisbane. The guest speaker was Florent Mortini who is the Asia Pacific manager. It was a special treat for me to have the opportunity to sit and listen to him share some of the inside information about a label I have been following since the mid 90s.

He began by telling us the label’s origins. It started in Isabel’s kitchen 27 years ago and has since grown to be one of the biggest independent labels in the world. I’ve had a two small labels – nothing remotely this scale – and know how much hard work is involved. Florent said Isabel often works from 4am to 12pm many nights and is still firing with enthusiasm. Her husband, Jerome Dreyfuss, who is also a designer takes turns with her on weeknights working back late so every second night she can be home with their son. On weekends the family heads off to a cabin in the French countryside (with no electricity) and unwind ready for the next big week ahead.

Florent spoke about how involved Isabel is in the design process and she appointed her best friend to run the actual business side of the label so she can focus all of her energy on designing. He also spoke about Parisian style and how natural Isabel dresses, rarely wearing makeup.

I was also interested to listen to Nicky speaking about the buying process for Calexico. When she attends the Isabel Marant showroom she has a three hour block to decide what she will buy from that season. She said it can get a bit heated with a bit of push and shove with other store owners from around the world trying to buy too. Nicky said she always makes the Isabel Marant buy the first appointment when she arrives in Paris so that she is 100% switched on and ready to go.

Florent’s love of fashion began when he was a child watching his Mother try on clothes in designer stores like YSL. He is very knowledgeable about all things fashion and a fabulous representative for one of the worlds biggest labels. Isabel Marant sounds like a fantastic company to work for as she is still very much involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself on Friday and events like this are one of the perks of being involved in the fashion industry.

My outfit is a combination of past and present season Isabel Marant and I think it’s timeless. My skirt is the Raffi embellished skirt  currently available at Parlour X in Australia or online at MatchesFashion. My top is last season and shoes were two seasons ago. My hand bag is Chloe current season.

If you live in Brisbane it is definitely worth visiting Calexico to view Isabel Marant’s Etoile collection. Sign up to Nicky’s mail list and be the first to know when it lands.