Renee's Runway - About me
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About me

Some might say I’m a fashion tragic but it’s a badge I wear with pride. I simply love fashion, great design and well-made pieces. I like to think of myself as an art collector. As Oscar Wilde once said “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.”

My childhood was steeped in fashion and the art of creating beautiful clothes as both my mother and grandmother are dressmakers. I learned this skill from them which enabled me to take my own steps into creativity and I loved watching my beautiful mother making or dressing in amazing pieces.

After university I ventured into fashion design and fashion retail, opening iconic Brisbane boutique Lotus 76 and later on starting children’s label Little Mouse Brown and online tween store, Le Tween.

I am well versed to show you the latest looks and give advice on how and what to wear every season.

Step onto the runway with me and join me on my journey of discovering amazing clothes, shoes, accessories and oftentimes new designers to covet and hopefully wear.